Detecting Early Autistic Symptoms

Every child develops differently whenever they are growing up. Most importantly, every child develops at their own pace. However, there are natural developmental milestones that a person should keep an eye out for whenever they reach certain ages. If you suspect that your child is not developing properly, it is incredibly important to seek help from a family doctor. They will be able to detect whether or not your child is showcasing early autistic symptoms.

Symptoms in Infants

Signs of autism can be detected in infants at an early age. You can begin to see symptoms develop around 6-18 months. However, some of these symptoms may not be that obvious. For example, your baby may fixate on a specific object and responds poorly to people whenever they are trying to get their attention. This may be a telltale sign that autism is currently developing.

Symptoms in Children

Children may fail to properly respond to their name being called. They may also completely avoid eye contact and make rapid movements almost out of nowhere. Some of these movements may include rocking and flapping their arms occasionally. They may take their toys and play with them in peculiar ways that would come across as meticulous to others. It is important that you seek pediatric help if you begin to notice your child showcasing some of these signs. Early diagnosis is critical to ensuring that these children can receive the treatment that they properly need.

Symptoms in Adolescents

Commonly, autism is diagnosed in children. However, it is completely possible that autism goes undetected until a child reaches adolescences. Your child may begin to exhibit difficulties socializing, restricted mental flexibility, and questionable¬†communication skills. These signs can develop from age 19 to 60. There is absolutely no telltale sign of when it can show up in a person. However, becoming diagnosed as an adolescent or an adult can vastly improve their quality of life. Don’t wait to seek treatment if the signs are showing!

Staying Ahead of Autism

Autism is a mental disease that oftentimes goes completely undetected. Parents may feel as if their children are simply acting out and will grow out of whatever habits they are portraying. However, there is something that is lying just under the surface that they are unaware of. This is why it is important to educate yourself on autism symptoms and take the proper preventive action against it. This will ensure that your child receives the proper treatment that they deserve and lives a more fulfilling life. Use this guide to help you and take the right action when necessary.